BNB Chain Kickstart to Help Developers Start Building

At BNB Chain, we’re constantly exploring innovative and meaningful ways to support the developer community. To that end, we have negotiated discounts and premium services to provide a set of critical development tools and grouped them into a starter pack called BNB Chain Kickstart that you can use to build, grow and scale your dApps on BNB Chain.

The Kickstart program consists of two verticals:

  • Kickstart: dApps - For all dApps to discover a range of essential tools and services to kickstart their building journey
  • Kickstart: Games - A range of essential tools and services for game developers to enter GameFi

Projects in all growth stages that are building or plan to build on BNB Chain can benefit from this program. Teams must first fill out a brief inquiry of interest. Once approved, BNB Chain will facilitate an introduction with the Kickstart partners so that you can access the starter pack at the special rate.

There are over 50 service providers across 18 categories, for example Security Auditing from CertiK, Cloud Services from AWS, Infra Services from NodeReal, Oracle from Binance Oracle, Recruitment & Staffing services from Priority Crypto, Token Launcher services from PanakeSwap, Customer Relations and Marketing Tooling from Galxe and Push, and NFT Launchpad & Marketplace offerings from OpenSea.

Click here for a full breakdown of all the offerings and service providers.

Happy building!

Participation in the BNB Chain Kickstart Program is completely optional. Independent third-party projects that are found eligible to benefit from BNB Chain Starter Pack Program may be required to agree to additional terms and conditions.

We do not and cannot control activity and data on the BNB Chain or the activities that community participants or projects may develop using BNB Chain, which is a public, decentralized and permissionless blockchain.

Participation or selection in any BNB Chain Kickstart Program by any third-party project should not be construed as a recommendation, vetting, or endorsement of such third-party projects by BNB Chain, or any other affiliated entity.

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