0x0 影子模因 Burn System

The token burning system is an essential part of the 0x0 影子模因 token ecosystem, designed to maintain the stability and appreciation of the token.

When an NFT from the 0x0 collection is purchased, a percentage of the amount paid is burned, ensuring scarcity and reducing the total supply of tokens in circulation.

System Operation: NFT Purchase: Each time an NFT is purchased from the 0x0 collection, 10% of the amount paid for the NFT goes towards burning tokens.

Division of Remaining Value : The remaining value after burning is divided equally:

Half is directed to a Farm Pool, encouraging participation in token farming.

The other half is sold on the market through a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform.

Developer Fee: 10% of the amount obtained from the sale on the DEX is allocated to the developer’s wallet as a fee for the maintenance and ongoing development of the project.

Liquidity Addition: The remaining 90% of the value obtained from the sale on the DEX is divided again:

Half is used to purchase 0x0 影子模因 tokens, increasing the token’s demand and stability.

The other half is reserved to add liquidity to the liquidity pool on the DEX, ensuring smooth and efficient trading.

System Benefits: Token Shortage: Token burning reduces the total supply in circulation, increasing the individual value of each remaining token.

Incentive for Participation: The system encourages participation in token farming and the purchase of NFTs from the 0x0 collection, promoting community engagement and ecosystem growth.

Stability and Growth: Adding liquidity and regularly purchasing 0x0 tokens contributes to market stability and sustainable project growth.

The 0x0 token token burn system is critical to ensuring a healthy and thriving ecosystem, benefiting both token holders and active community participants.

0x0Labs Team.

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