Worlds first L2 scaling solution for BSC - Autobahn Network

i am not a Dev or Programmer, just a “normal guy”. So maybe you guys already know about “Autobahn Network” ( If not, then i hope this is interesting/useful for you:

To their own words, the Autobahn is “the worlds first L2 scaling solution for BSC”. It´s a “Layer 2 Optimistic Rollup” for the BNB Smart Chain, based on Optimism. Main use cases for the AB network are DeFi, NFTs and Gaming transactions, which account for the majority of transactions on the underlying BSC layer. It offers very fast transactions and 95% lower gas fees. Currently it´s a Canary Network, connected to BSC Mainnet. At the moment access is limited to selected developers - but anyone can apply, via their Discord (Autobahn Network).

They also developed their own cross chain bridge ( Five Chains so far (ETH,BSC,POLYGON,AVALANCHE, FANTOM), but basically any EVM compatible network can be connected. Besides bridging, the decentralized CCB offers permissonless self listing (no costs, listing is for free), reward pools, farms, liquidity mining, etc. At a later stage the CCB will also be used for fast transfers in and out of the Autobahn (liquidity inside the CCB will circumvent the “7 day fraud proof window”).

I hope those informations are helpful :v: