TOMBALA - Decentralized Bingo Game

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Tombala has been designed on the traditional Turkish Tombala, taking into account the player habits, and is played decentralized with 90 Balls and 125 Fixed Cards. Players are given the opportunity to buy cards from the game rooms they want in the next and future draws and to participate in the draws in more than one room at the same time.

  • There are 125 Tombala cards in 5 different colors for this game to be played in the digital environment. There are 5 numbers each placed in three rows on the cards. The numbers and places on the cards are fixed.

  • Participants can choose the same card or different cards in different rooms opened for each draw. The same card can be purchased by more than one person. A person can purchase the same card only once in the same room. The number of times each card was taken appears on the screen.

  • An affiliate can purchase an unlimited number of cards from any game room in one draw.

  • Game rooms with different card prices for each lottery are announced with the lottery bulletin.

  • Participants can get their lottery cards by selecting them from the list, by choosing the card they bought before, or by having them randomly selected by the system.

  • Cards can be purchased in advance for all games included in the sweepstakes bulletin.

  • The purchased card cannot be returned. However, if there are not enough participants in the relevant room or if not enough cards have been sold before the sale is closed and the drawing starts, the drawing of the room is canceled and the sold card prices are returned to the participants in crypto currency over the unit they purchased.

  • In order for the game to start, a total of at least 20 different cards must have been purchased by at least 5 different participants in the relevant room. If the game starting rule is not met, the relevant room draw is canceled and the purchased card fees are returned to the accounts of the participating members.

  • The lottery begins for the room for which the card sale is closed, and 90 balls, consisting of numbers 1-90, are drawn in random order and recorded as time-stamped until the Tombala comes out.

  • The delivery of the jackpot is done in the form of instant delivery and crypto money when the profit is realized.