GetBlock rolls out BNB Webhooks beta, welcomes testers

Leading blockchain API provider GetBlock is releasing encrypted BNB webhook functionality, according to an official statement from its core team. From September 1st, Web3 enthusiasts can test the new instrument in a public beta.

Webhooks should be called a class of automatic notifications designed to transmit information from one source to another only when a specific event occurs. In a blockchain, webhooks can update observers with events in blocks and transactions at lightning speed.

Webhooks are triggered by custom events in the origin system (sender). The triggered request is then sent to the target system (receiver) without any additional commands or actions. Therefore, using webhooks is more resource efficient than fetching data via the “classic” node API.

GetBlock Tracker is a feature-rich webhook toolkit that tracks the parameters of over 40 blocks, transactions and receipts. It can send data to any website as a JSON file.

We are happy to invite developers to the GetBlock Tracker beta testing event. Web3 developers can integrate new products to create push notification systems for their applications on BSC.

Find more information on about GetBlock Tracker’s benefits and opportunities for dApps, wallets, analysts.

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