BNB Greenfield Validator & SP Application by BlockVision

BlockVision Introduction

BlockVision is a leading provider of data & node infrastructure and enterprise solutions for the blockchain and Web 3.0 space. Our realtime indexing & synchronization system guarantees data availability and accuracy. With over 80TB of indexing dataset and hundreds of RPC nodes, we serve many top tier crypto companies including OneKey, Snapshot, Ethsign and Bounce.

BlockVision for BNB

BlockVision is providing indexing services like token, NFT, account and mempool monitoring API for BNB. Currently, there are more than 40M BNB API calls per day in BlockVision.

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BlockVision for Greenfield

Validator & Storage Provider

We are committed to becoming the Validator and Storage Provider for the Greenfield network. We believe that the following strengths will help us become a qualified Validator and Storage Provider:

  1. We currently participate as Validators in various ecosystems such as Ethereum, Polkadot, and Sui and have accumulated abundant experience in Staking.
  2. Many of BlockVision’s engineers come from well-known internet companies such as Tencent, Meituan, and Microsoft, and possess extensive experience in distributed data and file storage.
  3. Some of our engineers have participated in Filecoin-related mining competitions in 2020, and are familiar with the principles of Filecoin.
  4. BlockVision has a strong understanding of the BNB ecosystem, with our Indexing Service having been online for over half a year and serving millions of daily requests.

Public Dataset

For the Greenfield ecosystem, having more valuable data in the network is crucial, as it will attract more users to use Greenfield. Currently, BlockVision’s Data Cloud has accumulated many valuable on-chain and off-chain data, such as on-chain trading data, on-chain user profile data, and off-chain price data. We can dump this data and upload it to Greenfield for users to download.

In addition to blockchain data, we can also develop tools that enable the upload of valuable Web2 data to Greenfield for users to download. For instance, we can make publicly available machine learning datasets accessible through Greenfield.

Tool 1 - NFT Metadata Manager

NFT and Gamefi are critical parts of the BNB ecosystem, and currently, most of the NFT Image data are on IPFS and centralized servers. We can develop a one-click NFT issuance product that supports users in publishing NFT images to Greenfield for storage. We will also provide related products to support users in managing their NFT issuance and updating NFT images to enable functions like opening blind boxes. We believe that our experience in developing NFT APIs in the BNB ecosystem will help us achieve this.

Tool 2 - Decentralized Website Hosting

Based on Greenfield’s powerful storage capabilities, we can develop a decentralized version of Render and Vercel, supporting users in directly deploying their front-end website to Greenfield.

We will integrate with Github and Gitlab’s CI/CD for one-click deployment support for developers. Meanwhile, we will support developers in analyzing website access records, user profiles, and other information and provide SDKs to enable project parties to analyze relevant buried points, allowing developers to track performance metrics, errors, and other key indicators to improve the user experience and identify issues quickly.

We aim to allow developers to build and deploy fast, optimized, and scalable websites without having to manage infrastructure or perform complex build processes.